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Colinford Mattis is a father, a son, a brother, a friend, an advocate, and a dedicated and respected member of our community. On Saturday, May 30, Colin was arrested and taken into custody, and he is now being charged by the federal government with causing damage by fire to an empty police vehicle. These charges are not a reflection of who Colin is. The narrative told by the government and much of the media has attempted to erase Colin’s accomplishments and contributions to the communities of which he is a part. We cannot allow this to happen.

Colin is an exemplary individual who has committed his personal and professional life to helping others and to making the world a better place. Upon graduation from Princeton, he spent two years in New Orleans teaching students from disadvantaged communities. As an attorney, he has zealously advocated for women in poverty. He was awarded the 2019 Commitment to Justice Award by Her Justice for his pro bono work with the organization, helping a low-income client secure child support. In law school, as part of the Family Defense Clinic, Colin represented low-income parents in Brooklyn Family Court.

Colin was born and raised in Brooklyn, and lives in his mother’s East New York home, with his sister Lyris, and his three young foster siblings. Colin has been the primary caregiver and provider for his three foster siblings, all under the age of 11, since his mother, Edith, passed away last year from cancer. He moved back home after his mother’s passing and has since been an extraordinarily committed and involved parent to the three children—attending every parent teacher conference at school, and encouraging, supporting, and educating the kids at home.

Through this website, you can help us support Colin and his family’s efforts in providing him the best representation, making sure he is treated fairly, and ensuring that his contributions and dedication to his community will not be forgotten.

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